Whelping kits, and a full range of Whelping boxes from only 21.91 DELIVERED INCLUDING VAT, and a full range of metal petnap heat pads and vinly heat pads.

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Buying a whelping box is a tricky exercise. It is equally important to avoid a whelping box that is too big as it is too small. Too much space and the ups can crawl away from the bich, not enough space in the whelping box and they risk being crushed. Our website offers a guide to selecting the correctly sizes whelping box.

We have been making cat and dog heat pads in the UK since 1973. We manufacture heated pet beds, heat mats, heater pads, cat heat mats, dog heat mats and heated dog and cat beds plus the Petnap whelping box. We sell a wide range of whelping box whelping kits. The whelping box is made from double walled corrugated cardboard. This whelping box also comes with puppyrails and fleece bedding (as an option). Having a disposable box avoids the potential problems of cross contamination as the whelping box can be disposed over after the whelping.
The Petnap whelping kit is designed to provide a range of the essential items you will require for the coming whelping. Rather than shop around a variety of suppliers for each item we have brought them all together in one pack. The items in the whelping kit are medical grade NHS standard items. The kit also includes advice sheets and other documentation which should all come in vert handy when the big day arrives.
Adding a petnap heat pad to your whelping box is also an excellent option to consider when caring for the new born pups. A heat pad can provide valuable warmth for the newborn pups and give mum a well earned rest. The heat pads are very low cost to run as they are low wattage devices and can be a good alternative to heat pamps. Using heat lamps can mean that the bitch overheats when caring for the pups and cannot get away from the heat to cool down. A heat pad paced in the whelping box can help to provide the pups a warm area to sleep without causing the bitch distress. If your looking for a whelping box, heat pads or simply want to ring up for some advise, then we would love to hear from you.





Links for whelping box products

This section contains clickable links to our websites. Whether you are looking for a whelping box or whelping kit we have the site for you. Our whelping box is available online and our range of petnap pet heat pads are also available on line and made in the UK. Dog welping is a stressful time for all involved, and the correct choice of dog whelping box is vital. Using a pet heat pad or heated pet bed can make the world of difference to the pups and the mum. After the welping the welping box can be thrown away or recycled. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and means that the welping less at risk.

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